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  • Way2Health Diagnostics (“W2H”) is one of the largest networks of comprehensive diagnostic testing facilities in Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
  • The Company provides testing services in the fields of Pathology, Imaging, Radiology, Fetal Medicine and Cardiology, including Ultrasound, 3D/4D scan, Digital X-ray, BMD, Genetic Counselling, Amniocentesis, ECG, TMT, 2D-echo, Color Doppler, Dental X-ray, CT Scan, PFT, Audiometry, EEG etc.
  • Since the inception in 2007, Way2Health Diagnostics has grown rapidly and presently has 35 facilities, comprising of 11 comprehensive diagnostic centres, 6 hospital diagnostic centres, 4 PPP centres, and 14 collection centres. Having served over 1 million customers and performed over 2.5 million tests, Way2Health Diagnostics has established a strong brand name and reputation in its micro-markets.
  • As a speciality, Way2Health Diagnostics also provides Fetal Medicine Services, such as Anomaly scan with genetic sonogram at 18-22 weeks Genetic Counselling, Combined risk calculations including Biochemical markers (to solve the aneuploidy puzzle) , Comprehensive Fetal Echo, Invasive procedures like CVS, amniocentesis , cordocentesis ; evaluation and counselling for genetic disorders like Thallasemia, sickle cell, DMD; Growth scans and doppler to decide fetal well being and timing of delivery (to rule out FGR).
  • The ability to provide comprehensive services with quick turnaround and high quality (ISO 9001:2008), has resulted in Way2Health Diagnostics becoming a brand of choice for patients, doctors and hospitals. Way2Health Diagnostics facilities provide one-stop solution to patients with multi-test prescription, for preventive health checks, as well as for servicing corporates, insurance companies and hospitals.
  • Way2Health Diagnostics has been founded by a team of doctors thereby providing a natural advantage to the Group in hiring / retaining talent and having a strongly aligned team of radiologists and pathologists. They entrust Way2Health Diagnostics with a multi-fold network in the medical community, enabling rapid business growth.
  • Way2Health Diagnostics is socially responsible and caters to the underprivileged section of society through the PPP model in partnership with Govt. hospitals. These centres provide ultrasound and X-Ray services at nominal charges performing more than a 5000 tests per month.